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We offer two types of staging. If a home is unoccupied and empty, we can bring in furniture and accessories that will best highlight the selling features of the home. The other type of staging we offer is using the sellers own furniture. We will re-arrange the furniture to be more conducive to staging and we will often suggest that that seller pack up a few items. Potential buyers often have a hard time seeing the home through all the “clutter”. With staging, less is more. We want the items in the home to show off the house, not the other way around.

Free quote: Email us or call us for a free quote. We can meet you at your property and do a quick walk through of the home with you. This process takes about 20 minutes. We take some photos and measurements and then we come back to our office and create the bid for you.

Bid: The bid is for 6 weeks of furniture and accessories rental. If your property doesn’t sell in 6 weeks, you can rent the furniture and accessories for a monthly fee. Everything is laid out in the bid, there are no hidden fees!

Contract: If you like what you see, we will turn the bid into a contract for signatures. Once we get the signed contract and collect the fee, we will begin coordinating our staging designer and delivery truck.

Staging: Our staging designer chooses items that will best highlight the features of your home and the style of your home. She will want to see the property before she begins staging. Realtors will often allow us access via a lock-box, however you can meet her at the property for her to do a quick walk-through. The whole process takes about 7-10 days from the time we get a signed contract to completing the stage.

What sets us apart from other stagers is the amount of inventory we have. We have a staging facility that houses all our staging inventory. In addition, we are also a furniture store with an endless supply of furniture! If we don’t have what we need in our staging inventory, we can certainly get it with enough time!

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